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Custom Flyer for Fit Mommy Bootcamp

Today we have chosen to spotlight some of our great small flyers.  These smaller size flyers are larger than a standard 2.5 inch business card, but smaller than the standard 4×6 inch postcard.  Because of their convenient size, consumers are much more likely to keep them as they can be easily stored away in purse or pocket. Additionally, they are the perfect size for day to day marketing goals.  The small size gives you enough room to include all of your company or event information in addition to pictures that are large and detailed enough to be effective.

Over the years we have done many great 3×4 inch postcard flyers for many clients.  Check out some of our favorites below for your #designinspiration.

Custom Flyer for Fit Mommy Bootcamp
Fit Mommy Small Flyer Design

Fit Mommy Bootcamp Small Flyers

We designed this awesome small flyer for InSoul Fitness of Southern Calfornia.  We used bright Cyan and Magenta colors and a custom logo design for the program.  The great 3 x 4 inch size was perfect to fit all the program  and contact information.

The Hair and Makeup Lounge Small Flyers

Custom Designed Small Flyer for the Hair And Makeup Lounge of Seagoville Tx 3×4 Inch flyer features all the customer contact information and several customer pictures.

3x4 Inch Postcard Flyer for the Hair and Makeup Lounge of Seagoville TX
3 x 4 inch postcard flyer designed for Dreamgirl Creations

DreamGirl Creations Small Flyer Design

Small Flyers designed for dreamgirl creations of Wylie TX. 3 x 4 inch design features 3 pictures of various candles and custom candy jar. Front of flyer features custom memorial candle pics and company contact information

Sierras Trendy Stylez – Small Flyers

Postcard Flyer design for Dallas TX hairstylist. Features Social Media and QR Codes

Small Flyers Front and Back Hairstylist
Small 3x4 inch flyer design for Glam Girls Hair Studio

Glam Girl Hair Studio 3×4 Inch Flyer Design

Flyer Design for Glam Girl Hair Studio in Dallas, TX. Small 3×4 inch design front and back  Features gorgeous hot pink design and custom font picked by the client

Glorious Hair Extensions Small Flyers

Front and Back 3×4 inch small postcard flyer for Glorious Hair extension. Features Burple and Gold Gradients, as well as multiple photos

Glorious Hair Extensions Small Flyer Design
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